• CAPC Recommends Year Round Protection

    CAPC Recommends Year Round Protection

    Read why CAPC believes it is time for veterinary professionals in all areas of the country to embrace year-round parasite control. Learn More.

  • A Tick for All Seasons

    A Tick for All Seasons

    Think that because summer is over you can stop worrying about ticks? View the video.

  • The Tick That Wants To Be A Flea

    The Tick That Wants To Be A Flea

    The brown dog tick has been called "the tick that wants to be a flea." Find out why. View the video.

  • Do Cats Get Ticks?

    Do Cats Get Ticks?

    Listen to veterinary parasitologist Dr. Susan Little as she ticks one of the most common misconceptions off the myth list. View the video.

Parasite Control Guidelines

  • Want a quick overview of the CAPC recommendations for parasite prevention and control? CAPC’s General Guidelines offer an expert, short reference, which includes links to specific recommendations for individual parasites of clinical importance to dogs, cats, and humans.

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